Twins Pantry/Crazy Nuts


Twins Pantry introduces a mouthwatering range of healthy snacks and a range of delightful moreish treats made in Australia, using premium Australian grown ingredients.

Our unique recipes combine the freshest spices, herbs and nuts, such as macadamias, almonds, cashews and peanuts, with the intense flavours of honey, vanilla, sweet and savoury spices and honey - berry granola to create versatile savoury snacks that you can enjoy on their own or as an addition to your cooking.

Previously operating under the name ‘Crazy Nuts’, our goal is to find new, healthy and fun ways to dazzle your taste buds. As our range expands, you’ll find Twins Pantry an essential in your pantry.

 Double The Passion, Expertise And The Great Taste!

 Twins Pantry is a brand built on love – the love of good food, quality, healthy eating and the love of living.

Identical twins and larger-than-life personalities, Dekel and Tomer Kagan, both pastry chefs with over 20 years international experience, have collaborated to create a range of unbelievably moreish treats. The partnership guarantees double the passion, double the expertise and double the great taste!

 All Australian, All Natural and Made With Love

 The Twins’ high energy, combined with their sense of fun and commitment to perfection, has driven them to provide customers with treats with no artificial or GMO, Australian-grown ingredients and celebrate the role that delicious, healthy food plays in bringing people together.

Everything that comes out of the Twins Pantry kitchen is lovingly hand made with the customer in mind.

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