26cdb5edf0011052605001160eb84958.JPGLooking for a great way to start your shopping experience?  Then let the lingering aroma of freshly made espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate, lead you to Tambo Gourmet Foods (site 12 + 13) where you can enjoy that early morning coffee or purchase a take home packet of our East Timorese organic ethically grown beans. There are fewer pleasures than a perfect coffee.

For the ultimate indulgence try our smooth, creamy handmade fudge with your coffee, or for gift giving, sharing, or late night movie watching. Or just because you feel like it.  Tambo Fudge comes in so many delicious flavours you may have difficulty choosing which to buy – but you can always try a sample to help you decide!

Tambo Gourmet Foods also offers a range of products including relish (choose from chilli free tangy tomato or increase the heat in stages, up to WOW for the real chilli aficionados!), seasonal berry jams and our unique honey and ginger, that will indulge the senses and delight the taste buds.
To enhance any dish or to spice up your cooking adventures, choose from our many different spice mixes, whether it be a curry, a hot spice, a mild spice, herb rubs for fish or roast meat. They are all prepared without fillers or artificial additives. 

Six varieties of Dukkah complete the shopping list. These are made with the finest ingredients and come in handy resealable pouches.

And the best thing is that Tambo Gourmet Foods are proudly Gluten Free!
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Tambo Gourmet Foods stall should not be missed – but if you do, you can always check their online shop at www.tambogourmetfoods.com