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Our beer is made from pure mountain water, blended with the finest selection of malt, hops and yeast to produce beers of exceptional taste and quality. The malted grains are made into an infusion, boiled up with hops, and fermented.

Some beers are fermented quickly and mature in a matter of weeks (ales, wheat beers and stouts) whilst others have weeks of fermentation and several months maturation.

We chose to take on the old butter factory site in Mirboo North, Gippsland for good reason – its abundant supply of natural water – purity and mineral balance of the water is an essential key to making great beer and that is just what this beautiful part of the world offers us.

A good beer is judged by its aroma, flavour and finish. The beer should look good, smell clean and fresh and taste pleasantly distinctive. Find out more www.grand-ridge.com.au

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