Located in Bunyip, Australian Tea House was born in 1999, as a brand of Herbal Teas, grown Hydroponically. Our Camomile , Peppermint and Spearmint have distinctive deep rich flavours as compared with commercial brands, due to the Hydroponic growing techniques and nutrients. We have not used any pesticides or harmful chemicals in the growing systems which is evident in the flavour profiles of our Herbal Teas.

Australian Tea House now presents "Teas for Moods". Under three distinctive brands. 
"Sublime Selections" specializing in Speciality blends of Gourmet Teas, including Chai's, Fruit Teas, Floral Teas, Gourmet World Teas (Red, Black, Yellow, White Teas), in Loose Leaf and Tea Bags. 
"Lifestyle" a range of Functional Herbal Infusions, which are a blend of Herbs for the treatment of various ailments. 
The flagship "Australian Tea House" brand of Hydroponic Herbal Infusions.

"Teas for Moods" The product range covers Caffeine Free Infusions, and Healthy stimulants from 'get up' time to take you through the active day, until evening relaxation and sleep with flavour profiles to satisfy the most discerning consumer.

A selection of Teas for Moods!

All Ingredients are carefully selected, processed, blended and packed in loose leaf and Tea Bags on our farm in Bunyip Victoria.

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