Amber Creek Farm

Paddock Raised Pork


Our pigs get to live like pigs should live, they live on pasture with moveable shelters to sleep in and get out of the rain. They get moved to new pasture regularly and we supplement their diet of grass and roots and grubs with whole grains, milk and fresh veggies. They are free to wallow and socialize and are contented with human care and company.

Their food is free from GMO's, antibiotics and growth hormones. We don't practice tail docking, tooth clipping, nose ringing or sow confinement.

We farm in a sustainable way using stock and crop rotation to make sure the land is not exhausted. We don't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our pastures.

All of these factors contribute in making our pork very high quality both in taste and nutritional value.

We sell our pork in quarters halves or whole pig orders and by individual cuts at local farmers markets.

We have a strong commitment to selling our product locally, specifically within 100km of Fish Creek.

Our product is a reflection of our own personal values and lifestyle, we like growing and making as much of our own food as possible and sourcing the rest from other local producers.

A lot of our profits go into regenerating and protecting remnant bush and creeks on the farm, over the past 7 years we have planted about 15,000 trees on the property and this continues each year.

Dan Bright

0428 446 967